Stoner Wish List for Christmas

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Stoner Wish List for Christmas

Christmas is approaching and now that everything has reset from Thanksgiving and retail stores are in full Christmas mode it has you thinking about your own wish list or maybe for a friend.  Shopping at the department stores as a stoner leaves you feeling… well, unfulfilled.  You’re planning to exchange gifts with friends and, speaking frankly, the “normal” stores just don’t have what you want.

Enter Up-N-Smoke.  You’re a stoner.  Your friends are stoners.  Hell, maybe even your mom is a stoner.  It’s 2020, anything is possible.  Let us help you find a gift that will work for anyone on your Christmas list.


We see them juggling the day to day with grace, and it’s time they were rewarded.  Here’s some gift ideas for your mama, girlfriend, or sister.

Washable Ceramic Herb Grinder

These are not only heavy duty, but they’re absolutely practical and great for every day use.  Ceramic has a natural non stick surface making this herb grinder one that will leave your grinder clear from sticky herbs.  Plus, you’re able to wash it, if needed, without the risk of rusting and becoming unusable.

Soft Glass Water Pipe

Soft glass isn’t actually soft.  It’s made from soda lime glass that allows for a lower melting point when molding the pipe.  Soft glass water pipes aren’t new.  Not by a long shot.  These vintage looking water pipes are perfect for anyone born before 1980.  Best yet?  They often look so much like a flower vase that they can be hidden in plain sight.  Ask your mama what her favorite color is and find a soft glass water pipe that you think she will love.  Check out our selection online now.

Odor Exterminator Candles

They smell amazing.  And even better, they actually clean the air as they burn!  Smells will disappear as they are absorbed through the enzymes being released as the candle burns.  They don’t cover smells, they absorb them permanently.  Available in a large variety of smells, Smoke Odor Exterminator candles are great gifts.


Your brother is hard to buy for, but you know he smokes.  You dad too.  And don’t forget that buddy of yours who was eyeing the big glass pieces in your local smoke shop.  We’ve got suggestions for the stoner man in your life too.


Convenient little contraptions that keep a one hitter and your herbs in one handy little box.  Sometimes called taster boxes, our dugouts are America made so you know the quality is unmatched by a cheap imported dugout.  These make great gifts for any smoker.  They fit easily in your pocket and keep everything safely stored.  Our online smoke shop has a lot of options to fit anyone’s style.

Rolling Trays

Is your buddy still using their coffee table to break up herbs and roll joints?  He definitely needs a new rolling tray!  Keep your herb grinder, your papers, hell even your vape pens stored safely right where you can find it.  The great thing about rolling trays is the designs!  There’s a design for everyone.  Rick and Morty rolling trays are always popular.  Rolling trays come in metal and a break resistant glass tray too.  Check out the assortment of designs we have available.  If full sized trays aren’t your thing then silicone ashtrays with combination storage and ashtray may be better suit you.

Pipe Protectors

The guy in your life is hard on his glass hand pipes.  They get dropped from your lap or they’re thrown carelessly.  Maybe he has a glass hand pipe that has sentimental value.  Pipe protectors like Shellz and Bug Rugz make great gifts.  Shellz offers a hard case design with a molded interior to shock absorb any drops.  Bug Rugz offer an all over soft case design with a drawstring closing.

Smokers love gifts for their smoking obsession, and we have so many different products that will make you forever deemed as the best gift giver.  The pressure is on.  Get shopping!