Styles of Glass Hand Pipes

Styles of Glass Hand Pipes

You're walking into a smoke shop in search of the perfect glass hand pipe.  You're not sure what you want, but you know that when you see it you will know it was the one meant for you.  Scanning the rows of glass can be overwhelming.  Especially if you're not confident on what the styles are.

Here's the thing: don't be afraid to ask!  The sales associates may not have known until someone told them too.  We are happy to pass our knowledge down to you.  There are many styles of glass hand pipes, and every smoker has their own preference. There are drawback and benefits to each style.  Let's go over our favorites.


Similar to one hitters, they are shaped like a typical cigarette. Chillums are fairly easy to use, you pack your herb into one end, light it up, and inhale from the other. Chillums typically don't have a carburetor. They vary in size but all have a simple cylindrical shape. 
glass chillum hand pipe


These pipes are not for the lightweights, they are known to “steamroll” users. Consisting of a tube (both ends open) and a bowl. The opening closest to the bowl serves as the carburetor. Steamrollers serve very fast hits to users making these unique hand pipes great for everyday smokers.

steamroller pipe

Spoon Pipes

You've seen spoon pipes, and you've probably owned many.  They are the most common style because of their ease of use. Shaped like a spoon with a full bowl at the end. Spoon pipes have a carburetor (the small hole in the tube) to allow airflow through the pipe. 


Sherlock Pipes

Also known as the Gandalf pipe, the stem is longer than a classic spoon pipe. This unique style of hand pipe is gaining in popularity.  The longer stem will naturally cool your smoke before it hits your lips.  This can be really important if your smoke is sometimes too hot.  Plus, you'll look really effing cool smoking from this looking like a wizard mfer.



Somewhere between a hand pipe and a water pipe is the bubbler pipe.  Like in water pipes, water is an added filter that creates bubbles as you smoke - hence the name. These can be an assortment of sizes, but they're usually hand held and hold a smaller amount of water than its larger counterpart.  Bubblers can look like the image below as a hammer bubbler, and they can also take on a heady style look.  Some bubblers even sit upright and have an upward free standing stem.



Whatever you're looking for, it's highly likely that Up-N-Smoke has what you need.  Glass hand pipes come in a large assortment of styles to fit whatever your preference is.  Shop online to see the styles we have here or stop in one of our retail stores in Louisville, KY to see the variety in person.


Edited: 8/4/21