The Best Water Pipe for Concentrate Smokers

The Best Water Pipe for Concentrate Smokers

Not all water pipes are created equally.  In fact, your water pipe rather reflects your personality, and it’s important to find the right tool for the job.  Here’s a secret we are going to share with you:  Water pipes and dab rigs are essentially the same thing.  However, there are some more suited for the job than others.  So let’s review what’s good for when you decide to take a dab from your water pipe.

Size:  Typically stoners love water pipes with some girth (amiright, ladies?!).  Size does matter, but in the case of concentrates bigger is not always better.  You’ll want something that is under around 14in.  Concentrated dabs are very potent and you need to be sure you’re not taking rips that are too large.

Style:  Painted glass water pipes, novelty style glass, and water pipes with intricate designs may not work well with concentrates.  You want something basic and simple.  We recommend beaker style water pipes or even straight tube pipes.  These pipes are easier to clean, easier to smoke from, and typically will have just the right amount of filtration you need to keep the clean flavor you want from your smoke.  Too much filtration and you’ll bring down the content of your smoke too much.

Let’s assume you’re new to concentrates and maybe you need a little help knowing what you need to get started.  Here’s a handy list!

Concentrate Essentials


banger up-n-smoke online smoke shop



These replace the traditional bowl that water pipes boast.  The banger (or banger hanger) is a neat little curved bucket looking bowl that will allow your concentrate to melt without losing it into your water pipe.



dabber tool online smoke shop up-n-smoke

Dabber Tool


Used to get a small amount of your concentrate into the banger is the dabber tool.  These come in metal, silicone, and glass styles and are just based on your preference for which you like most as all work great!  Some dabber tools even have a little personality on them like our character dabber


Carb Cap


Once your concentrate is there and melted to the best temperature you will need a carb cap.  These come in a huge variety of styles to check out, all usually glass.  Check out our rubber ducky carb cap that slingshots you right to your childhood!  This is used after it’s heated.  Place the carb cap over your banger top as you take a rip from your water pipe.  This creates the smoke effect you want.  Remove the carb cap to clear the pipe.

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Lighters need not apply when we are talking about concentrates.  They will not get the job done.  You need a kitchen quality food grade butane torch to get your banger heated up to the temperature you need for it to melt.


And that’s it!  These are the tools you need and now you’re ready to venture into the world on concentrates.  If you need any of these essentials for your smoke session give our online smoke shop a look or else stop into one of our five retail stores in and around Louisville, KY.  See you soon!