The Do's and Don'ts of 420

The Do's and Don'ts of 420


There's a holiday looming.  Do you know what it is?  Hint.  It's not Easter (though that one is around the corner too).  No, we are talking about the stoners holiday to end all holiday's.  420 happens annually on April 20 every year (and to a lesser extent everyday at approximately 4:20pm).  Celebrated around the world stoners of all ages, races, and abilities gather together to take a puff.

If this happens to be your first 4/20 you’re in luck! We have compiled a list of do’s and don’t so you can enjoy it to the fullest!


Do use a smoker's kit.

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Whether you're a novice or a seasoned smoker, smokers kits are great for everyone and they come in a variety of styles.  Need to keep that legal smoking herb from smelling up your space?  Usually the kits are smell proof (the one pictured about is!).  Cigarette rollers, herb grinders, trays... what more could you need?  

Do keep snacks around.

Munchies hit hard and fast. Make sure you have sweet, salty, and savory snacks on hand.  You never know where your cravings will take you. 

Don't forget to hydrate! I personally love gatorade, some like soft drinks or tea. Regardless of your preferences cottonmouth is a bitch so be prepared.


Do have a list of movies ready.

Have a list of movies ready. Nothing beats being high and watching some hilarious movies that you can just zone out on.


Don’t over do it.

There's nothing like an anxiety attack to ruin your vibe.  Trying edibles for the first time?  Because why not, it's 420!  Don't fall into the trap where you find yourself saying, "These edibles aren't shit".  We all know what happens after that.  You eat another gummy and suddenly you're not sure if you can remember to breath.

If you find yourself in that situation, remain calm.  It will pass.  In the meantime, if you have peppercorns to chew on or CBD at home those are great remedies to balance you out.

Don’t feel pressured.

Maybe your friends are smokers and you... not so much.  That's cool, man.  Celebrate by just enjoying their company and chilling with some good friends.

Don’t drive.

Driving under the influence isn't cool.  You could cause a wreck or worse hurt yourself or someone else.  Driving while high is still driving under the influence.  Don't be that person.