Things To Look For When Buying A Water Pipe

You have finally taken the time and have some moolah to spare for buying a water pipe. But because it’s your first time, just like any first-timers, you have no idea what to look for or don’t even know where to start. The good news is there’s nothing to be worried about. The mindset to purchasing this apparatus is the same as purchasing any other item out there. The best news is, if you’re still in a pickle, this article will guide you to finding the ideal water pipe for you.

As already said, you should treat water pipe-buying the way you do with all your other purchases to be able to make a sound choice you won’t regret later on. These are some significant factors you need to look at when shopping:


A water pipe can cost anywhere from $60 to, the crazy expensive ones, at $500. Should you go for pricey to ensure you get the best? Or should you stick to affordable ones? If you take the time to do some research, you can get a decent water pipe for less than $100. But there are also high-quality water pipe that are less than $150. So, if you’re not going for over the top, you should find something that would fit your wants and needs below the $150 mark.


A common denominator with frequent herb smokers is a bit of clumsiness. With this said, you should always look into products that are sturdy and durable and will last a long time. Some of the most durable water pipes are made from silicone and thick glass and have usually a wider base and are shorter than normal. Take note, you want great value for your money, and great value would mean not spending every few months to buy one water pipe after another because your previous one is messed up.


This is more of a preferential criterion. Many enjoy long water pipes, which can be as tall as 2 ft. However, some, who use it frequently, and can smoke anywhere, prefer portable ones that can be easily taken when traveling. So, are you on the go or more of someone who prefers a memorable smoking experience? Take note though, that there are already products that combine the euphoric hit from long water pipes and portability, so if you’re up for that, you may browse through the category.


One of the reasons why water pipe is such a hit to users is because of the smooth, filtered smoke they produce. This is thanks to the percolation process. Since their rose to popularity in the 1970s, water pipe design has evolved significantly. Percolation has now different types and depending on these, you will also experience different smoke results.


In any purchase, many try to overlook brands to prioritize buying a product at a cheaper price. But you have to remember, product quality is always synonymous with the manufacturer. So, if you really want a lasting water pipe, you need to look and research its brand name.


Buying a water pipe online? Be certain you have read the shipping policies and guidelines of the shop. You don’t want a broken water pipe delivered to your doorstep. Worst, you don’t want a non-returnable and/or non-refundable apparatus delivered to your doorstep. Read carefully!

Purchasing your own herb-smoking device will be a bit breezier if you take these things into account. So, are you ready to do some research and find the lasting water pipe that will fit your needs?