Top Alternatives For Water To Make Herb Taste Better

Tired of getting hits with just the boring water in your pipe? There are alternatives that will surely spice up your next smoke, literally and figuratively. Changing up the usual water in your apparatus can definitely enhance your hits even more without compromising the benefits of using the device. When you add a different flavor to the water pipe, you get to experience the taste of that drink from the smoke you inhale. What are the best alternatives to water, you may ask? Below is a list of these along with detailed information.

Cranberry Juice

We have already established that a flavored liquid in your water pipe will make the smoke taste better. This is true for all the best alternatives listed here. But with cranberry juice, you don’t just get a great taste in your smoke, you’ll also enjoy the ultra-nifty look of your water pipe, especially if it’s made of crystal-clear glass or silicone. The dark red look of the liquid in your device will, undoubtedly, be the talk of the town.


Just to be clear, Gatorade as an alternative to water won’t help you gain lost electrolytes in your body. It won’t make you feel energized, either. But it will surely give you that relaxed feeling, with a taste of your favorite energy drink, of course.


Before you get grossed out, hear it out first. Many love the combination of herb with minty flavors. It’s like smoking cigarettes with menthol flavor. So, if you’re into this kind of taste, you can mix some mouthwash into your water. If not, you can always, brew some peppermint tea, store it in your ref, and use the infused water for your next smoke.

Lemon and Orange Peels

Citrus flavors are a favorite add-on on cocktails because they give them that extra punch of tang. It works the same way with smoking herb. It adds a little something extra if you aren’t too adventurous in experimenting with your smoke, just yet. Simply add some lemon or orange peels, or both, to the water in your water pipe and see how you’ll enjoy it.


Feeling even more daring? Add your favorite soda in your water pipe and be transported back to your childhood. You may have experienced blowing soda from a straw as a kid and now is the chance to experience that again while enjoying your herb, as well. If you’re feeling even bolder, mix soda with some fruit juice, too.


Powdered juice drink, anyone? If you’ve got no fresh concentrate or juice on hand, you can simply mix Kool-Aid flavored powdered juice in your water and fill your water pipe with that. Grape, cherry, apple, orange, the possibilities of flavor are endless.


This must be the most adventurous of all adventurous, combining smoking and drinking, at once. Of course, adding your favorite rum or whiskey or even wine in your water pipe can get expensive. But doing that once in a while can get you to an even more heightened euphoric state.

There are so many alternatives that could make you enjoy your smoke even more so than when you use H2O. However, always remember to be cautious about what you add to your device. Extremely high alcohol percentage gets hot really fast and can ultimately mess up your apparatus. Enjoy your smoke as much as you can. Try the special fluid called Dab Magic in assorted flavors.