Types of Water Pipes

Glass Pipes -

Types of Water Pipes

If you’ve ever stopped in your local smoke shop, you know there are several types of water pipes. But have you ever wondered what the benefits of each kind are? Today we’re going to discuss the different materials, shapes, and designs and break down why you may decide to purchase each of them. 


Glass: Glass is the most popular water pipe material, however they tend to be the most pricey option. A major benefit of using a glass piece is the fact that you will get the purest flavor, as glass does not affect the smoke’s taste. Another plus is that most glass pieces are transparent, making it easy to see when your water pipe needs to be cleaned. 

Acrylic: Acrylic is the second most popular option for water pipes. These pieces are strong and durable, making them hard to break. If you’re planning on traveling with your piece, acrylic may be your best bet. Plus, you will love the price tag!


online smoke shop straight tube water pipe bongStraight Tube: These pieces are pretty straightforward - they consist of a straight tube with a mouthpiece and a bowl near the bottom of the tube. 

beaker style water pipe bone up-n-smoke online smoke shopBeaker: Beaker water pipes are also pretty self-explanatory. They’re similar to straight tube designs, however they extend outward toward the bottom of the tube, making them shaped like a scientific beaker.  Go back to science class each time you take a hit.

recycler water pipe types of water pipes online smoke shop up-n-smoke onlineMulti-Chamber: These pieces are also often referred to as recycler water pipes. These pipes have multiple chambers the smoke travels through before being inhaled; this makes your hit cooler and smoother. Multi-chamber water pipes also tend to be a bit more expensive than straight tubes or beakers, as it takes more skill and artistry to craft them. 

online smoke shop up-n-smoke online types of water pipes bongsPercolators: Water pipes with percolators thoroughly filter your smoke prior to inhalation. Much like with a multi-chamber piece, your hit will be cooler and smoother with one of these water pipes. They also tend to be more expensive than a standard straight tube or beaker. 

Now that you know a bit more about common materials and designs, you can make a more informed decision when you shop for your next water pipe. Check out our selection in our online smoke shop, or stop in one of our Louisville area shops to pick out your next favorite piece.