What Are... The Different Kinds of Rolling Papers

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What Are... The Different Kinds of Rolling Papers

You’ve walked into your local smoke shop and if it’s like our Up-N-Smoke locations there’s a whole wall of rolling papers behind the counter just staring you down.  Even if you’re an experienced smoker that wall can be intimidating.  So many choices.

We are here to help!  Let’s discuss the differences between the types of paper used in most rolling papers so that you can make the best decision for your smoking sesh.

There are three main types of rolling papers:


Thinner than other rolling papers these are usually best for experienced smokers. Rice paper slowly burns and is derived from all natural ingredients. All natural ingredients mean that you’re not inhaling chemicals and able to get the purest tasting smoke.  However, the disadvantage is that rice paper holds moisture so to prevent a soggy joint we recommend reusable glass filter tips. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite rolling papers made from rice paper.

Elements - ultra thin and can withstand the elements!


Wood pulp papers are easy for beginners because the paper is thicker and can handle moisture. Despite color (bleached or unbleached) wood pulp papers burn at a medium rate compared to other materials.  Thin, but sturdy so they don’t fall apart easily in your hand like rice paper can. 

Randy’s - known for their water pipe cleaners, but Randy’s also boasts a whole line of rolling papers.  We recommend the ones with a wire that will act as a roach clip..

OCB - named after historically important parts of the company, OCB papers are internationally recognized and have become popular in the states.  A whole line of rolling papers means you’ll find something that’s right for you.  They offer rolling papers made from flax plant fibers and hemp.

King Palm - made from palm leaves that are washed and dried, King Palm is a great brand especially for smokers who want a longer smoking session.


A preferred method among smokers, hemp rolling papers are derived from the hemp fibers so you’re not using wood. Hemp is thicker than other styles of paper so it makes rolling a lot easier than the thinner rice paper variations.

RAW - easily one of the most popular brands with big name recognition.  Raw rolling papers are easy to find in almost any smoke shop.

Royal Blunt Hemparillos - are made of 100% hemp and are great for a natural smoking experience.

Juicy Jay’s - they have a variety of flavors to elevate your smoking experience with fun printed designs from organic soy based ink.. 

Have fun and be experimental with your papers to see what you like best! The rolling paper that is right for your buddy may not be right for you.  It all comes down to personal preference and mood.  Hell, even the novelty rolling papers like our Greenback Rolling Papers might be good for special occasions or just because the mood hit right.  Overall, get to smoking to find what’s best for you!