What is a Chillum?

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What is a Chillum?

A while back I was visiting a local smoke shop looking over the glass collection.  There were many different styles of glass pipes and different heady style art pieces.  But, nestled in among the water pipes and glass hand pipes were something that I hadn’t seen before.  The chillum.

So I had to do some research.  What is a chillum and how do you use it?  I learned that in the 1960s the chillum emerged in India and quickly spread around the world. Made from a variety of materials like wood and stone, but the most popular kind we see being used today is the glass chillum.  

A chillum is a glass one hitter.  Usually a little bulkier than the ceramic cigarette style bats that you may be used to, and it holds a lot more herb.  In a world of nostalgia and “comebacks” it makes sense that we are seeing the chillum on shelves again. The chillum really is a classic for any smoker and a staple for your collection.

Our popular rasta glass chillum is available for sale online, but we have a large variety of chillums available in stores.  Stop into one of our five retail locations throughout Louisville, KY and ask one of our knowledgeable staff to show you the selection.