What is a Glass Bubbler Pipe?

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What is a Glass Bubbler Pipe?

What is a bubbler you ask?  Congratulations, you have officially graduated from Smoker’s Elementary School!  The glass bubbler pipe is the hand pipe of the pros, the apparatus of the A-listers, the choice of connoisseurs...Ok, ok, I’ll stop

But seriously, bubblers are the bomb.  

What is a glass bubbler pipe?

One cold winter night, a water pipe and a hand pipe were cuddling, watching Disney+.  Nine months later, the glass bubbler was born!

The glass bubbler is a pipe small enough to hold easily with one hand, but with a chamber for water that provides the cooling and filtering effects of a water pipe.  A hybrid that, done properly, offers the best of both worlds. Portability and ease of use, plus supreme smoke quality. A miniaturized one handed water pipe, essentially.

How to Use a Bubbler Pipe

You put the lime in the coco...nevermind nevermind.  Using a bubbler is super straightforward for anyone who’s ever used a water pipe.  Basically just add enough water to cover the stem, but not so much that you get a free drink every time you hit it.  

Every bubbler will be different, so you’ll just have to find the ideal level.  How much water to put in a bubbler is a delicate balance. More water equals better filtration and cooling, but getting contaminated water in your mouth...that’s gag-worthy.

Recent Innovation: The Silicone Bubbler

Silicone is a pleasant material...as many of you already know I’m sure.  It’s also really hard to break, which makes it perfect for pipes that have a tendency to follow the law of gravity.

Typically featuring an embedded glass bowl, a silicone herb bubbler improves on three key weaknesses of the glass hand pipe.  They’re much harder to break, many times easier to clean, and they’re water-filtered. And with silicone, it’s much easier to make a cheap bubbler pipe.  I guess form does follow function, after all…

Smoking from a Bubbler: Benefits

The benefits of using a bubbler really deserve two different perspectives: Bubbler vs. Water Pipe, and Bubbler vs. Hand Pipe.  The benefits of using a bubbler versus a water pipe are improved portability and ease of handling. The benefits of using a bubbler versus a hand pipe are improved smoke smoothness, flavor, and healthfulness.  

After all, a bubbler is a water pipe, and a bubbler is a hand pipe.  So in all reality, you get the combined benefits of both, just in a slightly lesser degree than is possible with either extreme.

Conclusion: Are Bubblers Worth It?

Absofriggin-lutely.  Bubblers often aren’t much more expensive than a high-quality hand pipe.  You get many of the advantages of a water pipe with few of the drawbacks.  If you invest in top shelf smoke, you really should consider investing in something water-cooled.  Trust us, you’ll probably be thanking us later.