What is an ash catcher?

What is an ash catcher?

You’ve probably been in a smoke shop or a head shop and seen an ash catcher wondering how in the hell it works and what exactly is the point?  Or maybe you saw it and was just dumbfounded like “What the f*ck is this thing?”  We feel you.  The first time I saw one I was so overly confused about its function.  I stared at it like a mystical unicorn while asking my buddy what it’s for.  He didn’t know, either.  So on to Google I went for the answers.  Which is probably why you’ve landed here.  Let’s take you to school really quick.

Ash catchers are glass chambers that attach to your water pipe and keep ash and resin from reaching the pipe.  The idea is that loose debris will fall into the ash catcher vs inside your pipe.  

What are the benefits of using an ash catcher?

-- Cleaner water pipe.  Ash catchers do what they say.  They catch the ash that falls through the bowl.  In doing this, it keeps your expensive water pipe from getting overly dirty with resin and ash than it should.  A simple rinse with salt and water would be all you need to get your pipe clean after use with no real elbow grease.  In fact, my ash catchers helps my water pipe stay clean after a couple weeks of use so that I rarely have to clean it.

-- Cleaner smoke.  Most ash catchers have an extra layer of percolation to it.  We love the ones with at least an eight arm upside down tree perc. The more layers of percolation mean a cleaner smoke.  

-- Easy to clean.  Ash catchers are easier overall to clean than a traditional water pipe.  Smaller and more compact means that when it does come time to clean it you will not have to fumble with a larger piece.

Can I add water to my ash catcher?

Absolutely!  Add water not only to your water pipe but also to the attached ash catcher.  Just be sure that you’re not adding so much water that it spills over into your water pipe.  If that happens it will defeat the purpose of keeping your water pipe cleaner with the ash catcher.

How do I attach an ash catcher to my water pipe?

It’s easy to attach it.  Remove your bowl and simply place the ashcatcher in its place.  Your bowl will then go onto the ash catcher.  The biggest thing to take into consideration is the size of the ash catcher and the size of your bowl to ensure that they are compatible.

It’s all about the smooth tasting and clean smoke.  As a connoisseur you may consider this necessary upgrade to your pipe as a staple need.  Stop by one of our 5 retail locations in and around Louisville, KY or shop our online smoke shop for an ash catcher today.