What is Hemp Keif?

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What is Hemp Keif?

Kief is a concentrated form of hemp flower. It is formed when the resin glands, crystals, and fuzzy coating of the trichomes are removed from the flower. Kief looks like it’s a powder, but it is actually teeny tiny pieces of crystallized resin. 

Now that we know what kief is, how do you get it from your hemp buds? The simplest way is to use a three chamber herb grinder. These come with a compartment in the bottom that catches the kief as your flower is ground up. 

So now you have your kief, what do you actually do with it? You can enjoy kief several ways!

Top a bowl. A great bowl is not complete without a small sprinkle of kief on top.

Roll a J in it. Spice up your hand rolled joints by rolling them and covering the outside in kief prior to lighting up.

Make hash. Hash is one of the oldest forms of refined hemp flower. It is basically just kief that has been heated and pressurized to create a solid form that you can pop right into your bowl and smoke. 

Infuse it into your food. Because kief is more potent than buds, it is great to cook with, as you can use less hemp butter or oil in your recipe than you would using flower. 

Now that you’re a bit more informed on what kief is and how to obtain it, what will you do with yours? A new and improved hemp kief infused brownie recipe, perhaps? 

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