What temperature should my dabs be?

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What temperature should my dabs be?

Let's talk concentrates!  

Dabbing isn’t new, but it is gaining in popularity and we’ve talked about ways to use a nectar collector and the best water pipes for concentrates, but have you ever thought about the temperature at which you’re heating your concentrate?

Let’s start with the basics.

What temperature does shatter melt at?

The lowest temperature that your dab will start to melt is around 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  However, each concentrate will have varying melting and boiling points, and the nail you’re using will also mean that your temperature will vary.  

Did you see 350 degrees and quit reading?  Yeah, I get it.  Most dab connoisseurs will say that they usually heat their bangers to 500-550 degrees.  However, savvy smokers know that anything over 450 degrees can take away from the natural terpenes causing the beneficial nutrients of the plant to degrade.  If that’s not a big deal to you, then stick with the temperature that’s best for you.

What’s the best temperature for your dab?

We recommend anything under 450 degrees to preserve the quality of your concentrate.

How to get the perfect dab temperature.

To get a lower temperature to your dab, it’s best to use an electronic nail (or enail).  The benefit of using an enail is that you’re not going to keep lighting a banger over a period of time to heat it up.  Nor do you have to wait for it to cool down once you’ve gotten it too hot.  Who has time to wait?

Okay, now that we know some of the basics, let’s talk about the benefits and differences between dab temperatures.


Typically people heat the banger for about 90 seconds and eyeball when to put the concentrate in. This could cause your dab to be subjected to temperatures of over 1000 degrees.  Yikes!

It’s a fan favorite because there's no extra steps. All you need to do is heat the nail, place the dab, and inhale. The extreme heat allows an easier clean up as concentrate evaporates almost instantly.  With high heats, however, you risk burning your precious materials.  (Enter Golum, “My precious!”)  Burning your dab, your nail, or worse; breaking your nail. If you’re going to use high heats, we suggest using titanium dab tools.


Willing to wait for your banger to cool off?  Or, maybe you have an enail that’s getting it to the perfect temperature (under 450 degrees).  Ah, welcome to the more pure side of concentrates.

If you are heating your banger with a torch, heat the banger for about 1 minute or less. Give each side approximately 20 seconds of heat time. Then wait about 35 seconds before putting your concentration in and carb cab on. You will get a smooth and flavorful hit. Lower temperatures mean you're less likely to have a coughing fit. Keep in mind that the concentrate won't fully evaporate so you will be left with a sticky layer. No worries there!  Luckily you will be able to reuse it for the next hit - YAY! 

Fortunately there's no wrong way to dab. Practice will make perfect. Playing with the temperature will help you know if you prefer a high or low temperature. Overall, have fun practicing!

If you’re looking for an electronic nail (or enail) stop by one of our five retail locations in Louisville, KY and see what assortment we have available.  Our online smoke shop also features a variety of enail attachments for your rigs.