What's the difference between vapor and smoke?

What's the difference between vapor and smoke?

Long gone are the days of you and your buddies huddled together around a dark corner of a building to light up a shared joint.  Flailing your arms in a desperate attempt to diffuse the smoke cloud above you.  Looking over your shoulder at the shady characters you might meet in that alley (no, we don’t mean your friends).  Today you have options unlike ever before.  New ways to smoke.  Let’s go over how vaporizers can hide the smell of smoke.

It’s all about combustion.

We aren’t going to get into great detail about the science of the differences between vapor and smoke as this video explains it perfectly.

Simply, if you’re setting fire to your legal smoke herbs it leads to more smell that can stick to clothing and leave a lingering odor.  Smoke caused by combustion creates more smell than vapors.

Ok, but I like flower.

I get it.  You’re old school (many of us actually are!).  You like flower that you can hold in your hand and really enjoy the crystals and beauty of the product.  No problem!  Enter dry herb vaporizers.

Dry herb vaporizers are the best thing to hit to market.  Never burning flower with a hot flame, instead they combust your herb with different temperature settings leaving charred remains at the end of your smoke session.  Heating the flower in this way makes the bud release chemicals as a vapor instead of a smoke.  And we already discussed how vapor actually leaves less of a smell than that of clingy smoke that binds with clothing.

Wait, there’s more!

Unlike combustion (setting fire to your herbs), vaporization only activates the ingredients but the original properties do not get diminished.  What does that mean?  That you can RE-USE your product AFTER you’ve vaped it!  Say what?!  Yes, you can.

If properly stored, your used vaporizer bud can be made into butter and infused into edibles.  We recommend using a Magic Butter Machine to achieve this process more efficiently.  



Hiding the smell of smoke has been a great concern for smokers over time.  It’s what we strive for almost every time we light up.  There’s still a social stigma associated with smoking.  Will someone smell my smoke?  Will they be offended?  Even smoking in your own home can cause concern regardless of your state's legal statutes.  

Consider using a dry herb vaporizer.  We have an assortment available in our online smoke shop, and also locally in our stores across Louisville, KY.