5 Tips For Being An Eco Friendly Smoker

5 Tips For Being An Eco Friendly Smoker

Are you looking to go greener this year? Cutting back on waste and making conscious decisions on your consumption are great ways to start! We’ve narrowed down some general categories to start with and helpful products. 


hemp wick online smoke shop up-n-smoke

Hemp wicks are hemp twine dipped in beeswax and they’re great for lighting a blunt or bowl! You light them with a lighter or match but, you’re only lighting it once versus multiple times.  As a bonus, you’re getting cleaner tasting smoke from hemp wick.


Hemp wrap rolling paper up-n-smoke online smoke shop

Organic hemp papers are a great way to go if you're looking to go green. Plus, do you really want to inhale who-knows-what chemicals?? Not only that, it makes the draw a lot harder on your lungs. We recommend hemp because as a source, hemp grows fast and can be replenished quicker than other paper sources.

We suggest: 

One more note on papers.  Glass or ceramic filter tips are good for getting the entire smoke out of your joint or blunt.  It allows you to smoke it down to the very end so that roaches aren’t filling up your ashtray.  Simply clean and reuse for your next smoking sesh.


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Yes!  Even some rolling trays are Earth friendly!  Much like rolling papers, bamboo rolling trays are are great way to keep things eco friendly. Some rolling trays are biodegrade so be sure to ask at your local smoke shop which ones are the best option for that. Ooze came out with a full line of biodegradable plant based rolling trays. They are made of bamboo, melamine, and cornstarch. Ooze says they can last up to 1-2 years, but we think they’ll hold up even longer.



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Disposable batteries are super convenient, but at a cost.  Not only are they more expensive over time, but they are literally hurting our environment.  Don’t go cheap with something you want to last.  Rechargeable vapes are a great way to cut down on disposable vaporizers. Internal batteries can be recharged and when the batteries stop holding charges, they are recyclable much like normal batteries. 


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Remember, K.I.S.S.  No, not the rock band.  KISS stands for:  Keep it simple, stupid.  Break your water pipe?  Don’t throw it in the trash can!  It’s glass, right?  It belongs in the recycle bin.  Don’t want your neighbors seeing your broken rigs and hand pipes?  Just place them in a paper bag for an added level of privacy.  Your local Home Depot even has a program for recycling those rechargeable batteries that come in many devices.