6 Easy Ways to Detox

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6 Easy Ways to Detox

Mmm, heavy metals.  My favorite. Drug residues.  Yum. Fluoride, arsenic, and pesticides.  Can I have another serving please?

Said no one ever

If you live in a teepee in some remote region of Canada and eat only wild-caught plants and game, you probably don’t need to detox.  For the other 99.99821% of us, here are 6 of the easiest ways to detox.

1.  Get Hydrated

We’ve all heard the statistic that the human body is about 70% water.  

Now imagine a complex machine as an analogy for your body, let’s say a new 2020 Ford F-150 pickup.  For sake of example, let’s assume that 70% of the parts of the truck are metal.  

Now let’s take 10% of those metal parts away.  How well do you think the truck is going to work?  That’s what dehydration is like for our bodies.

Step 1 for detoxing is always to get hydrated.  You can use plain old water (bonus points for filtered or distilled water), or you could use a specialized detoxification product like Ultimate Gold or Vale 4x.

2.  Try Intermittent Fasting or Keto

Moving beyond hydration, we’re talking about the other 30% that the body is made of.  Good stuff and garbage, aka toxins, are both stored in the tissues of the body. Especially the bodyfat.

But that’s a good thing!  Because bodyfat was designed to be burned for fuel.

Using a technique like intermittent fasting or the ketogenic diet, we can literally start eating away at the toxins stashed away in our bodies.

Super-simple intermittent fasting approach:  Stop eating at least 3 hours before bedtime. And if you stop eating at 8pm, don’t eat breakfast until at least 8am.

Stack the simplified intermittent fasting approach with a keto-style breakfast, and you’ll be burning bodyfat until lunchtime!  Just substitute your usual breakfast for either Bulletproof coffee and/or eggs. As long as you don’t put any carbohydrates in, you’ll be detoxing.   

3.  Focus on Micronutrition

Vitamins and minerals are ridiculously important for detoxification.  Thousands of little reactions are supposed to be taking place in our bodies everyday, and if we don’t have the necessary ingredients, it ain’t happenin’.

That’s why juices get associated with the detox process, because they contain lots of little phytonutrients that are stupid-easy for the body to absorb.  Other sources can include multi-vitamin and mineral supplements, fruits & veggies, and full-spectrum salts like sea salt or pink salt.

4.  Increase Circulation

Remember that nasty little kids pool that sat full of rainwater for 2 months because nobody wanted to be the one to dump it out?  How long was it before the mosquitos showed up?

Stagnant fluids do the same thing in the body, only it’s not mosquitos -- it’s disease.  Toxins get lodged into some little nook or cranny in the body and, unless we push them into circulation, they’re just going to sit there and build up over time.

But the solution is fairly simple, we just have to move the body in ways it isn’t used to.  Play a sport or hit the gym, get a massage, or take a hot shower and stretch afterwards. Any of those will get those juices flowing again so the stagnant toxins get directed to the kidneys and liver where they can get processed and removed.

5.  Get Sweaty

In addition to the liver and kidneys, the skin is the biggest detox organ we have.  All those little pores serve as exit valves for stuff that the body doesn’t want.  

Sit in a sauna for a little while.  If it’s warm where you are, get out in the sun!  Or, my personal favorite, grab your favorite person to get sweaty with :)

Who said detoxification wasn’t fun?

6.  Catch Some Zzzz’s

And last, but certainly not least, deep sleep is one of the keys to the detox process.  Sleep is where all the damage we do to ourselves during the daytime gets repaired, toxin removal included.

If you have trouble getting restful sleep, some keys are to minimize bright lights and screentime before bed, drop the thermostat a couple degrees, and maybe try a CBD supplement.

All of the above send signals to the body that it’s time to start shifting down a gear and getting ready to get into that restorative delta-wave sleep where bodily rejuvenation can occur.

And when you wake up, hydrate again!