8 Dabbing Accessories That Every Serious Dabber Needs

8 Dabbing Accessories That Every Serious Dabber Needs

#1 Universal Titanium Nails

Do you know the joint size of your spot rig? Is it male or female? The entirety of the diverse joint sizes and sexual orientations can get mistaken for somebody that is simply beginning. Indeed, with a widespread titanium nail you don't need to stress! It will fit any size or sort of joint on any water line or touch rig as long as the bong has a glass joint. Titanium nails are enduring and you don't need to stress over breaking them and they hold heat well indeed. An all inclusive spot nail is an incredible touch device to have recently on the off chance that you get another apparatus or need a reinforcement nail.

#2 Quartz Bangers

When warming up your nail with a light you can coincidentally harm your apparatus if the nail is excessively near your piece. Most outdated conventional touch nails are totally straight and in this way undoubtedly extremely near your apparatus that night actually be hurtful. Indeed, that is the reason the quartz banger was imagined! It includes a one of a kind plan where a domeless dish is set away from the joint so the warmth is moved away from your apparatus. The other advantages of quartz banger nails is their enormous dish plan that permits you to disintegrate more moves in a solitary spot. Quartz Bangers likewise should be prepared so they can be utilized right when you get it! Quartz nails give you extraordinary flavor and warmth maintenance.

#3 Dab Torches

A dab torch is an unquestionable requirement to have apparatus for touching. It is the thing that you’ll use to warm your spot nail to the right temperature so you can disintegrate your concentrates. There are huge loads of lights available, we suggest getting a light that was intended for spotting and not one implied for use in the kitchen. You need a light with a huge fires yield so you can warm your nail equitably and rapidly. It is likewise vital that you utilize great quality butane when topping off your touch light to keep it working appropriately.

#4 Dabber Tools 

 Since wax can be exceptionally tacky and you will put it into a consuming hot nail you need a dabber apparatus to securely put your spots into your warmed nail. Most dabber devices are made out of glass, quartz, titanium or fired on the grounds that they can contact the hot nail without being harmed. When selecting a dabber you need one that can undoubtedly get your concentration and hold as much wax as you would need without tumbling off the dabber. We offer a wide assortment of dabbers to accommodate anybody’s styles.

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#5 Silicone Dab Jar

Silicone dab containers, NoGoo, Up-N-Smoke

In case you’re a dabber, you realize exactly how tacky and chaotic spots can be. The best thing to keep your wax in is a silicone holder. Wax won’t adhere to silicone making it a lot simpler for you to scoop out and will likewise keep squander from stalling out to customary containers. Silicone holders arrive in a wide assortment of sizes, shapers, and plans. We suggest having a couple of various types, a more modest one for voyaging and a bigger one to keep at home with your primary reserve.

#6 Carb Cap

A carb cap is quite possibly the most significant spotting dabbing tool you will use. Sorting out the ideal temperature to warm your nail can be interesting particularly for first-time smokers. A carb cap is utilized to limit wind current to the nail so you can disintegrate your assemblies at lower temperatures and guarantee that you don't squander any of your touches. Some Carb cover have inherent touch dabbing told to make the interactions significantly simpler. For more data on why carb covers are so significant look at our article on the advantages of a carb cap.

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#7 Reclaim Catchers 

Concentrates can be costly and you need to ensure that you are utilizing all of it so there is no waste. On the off chance that you’ve spotted before you realize that occasionally overabundant wax can spill into your water pipes joint or into the actual piece. This can make cleaning your piece hard to do and furthermore you squander valuable concentrates. Recover catchers are intended to trap overabundance wax so you can reuse it and not squander anything. It is a glass connection that fits on your dab tools and highlights a little dish to trap any overabundance recovery that would some way or another break into your water pipe. This makes it simple to get and reuse.

#8 Dab Rigs 

Well clearly to spot you need a Dab Rig. In any case, what we're saying here is to get a dab rig that is intended for concentrate use. We strongly suggest having a water pipe that you just use for concentrates only. The reasoning behind that is because the taste you get from torches is not the same as dry herb bowls and you would prefer to not blend the two together.

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If you want to make the switch from a dry herb water pipe to a pipe for concentrates you're in luck! You can change out your dry herb bowl for a banger and BOOM concentrate water pipe. Don't worry we have you covered in that department too! 

Edited by: Ashley King 8/4/21