What are carb caps?

What are carb caps?

Carp caps work just like a carburetor in your vehicle, but for your dab rig.  Maybe you’re not that comfortable under the hood of a car and that’s totally lost on you (me too, man, me too).  They’re tiny, multicolored, and usually made of high quality glass.  Standing in your local smoke shop or browsing an online smoke shop and your eye is just drawn to them.  But what are carb caps and how do you use them?

Concentrates, dab, shatter, wax… whatever you call it, they are best enjoyed with a water pipe rig, a banger, and a carb cap.  These glorious contraptions restrict airflow that goes into your banger thus allowing you to dab at a lower temperature (don’t burn your dab!).  Wonder what the best temperature is for your dab rig?  We’ve covered that here.  Carb caps will make your concentrate more effective by allowing you to catch the heat and vapor that would otherwise escape from the top of your nail.  See the photo below for a visual representation of that. 

What are carb caps? How to use carb caps? Online smoke shop up-n-smoke

Been wasting your dab?  Carb caps are the answer to using them more effectively.  The best thing about using carb caps?  It preserves your hit’s flavor.  Mmmm terpenes. 

Carb caps are an essential part of anyone's concentrate arsenal.  We recommend pairing a carb cap with terp pearls (or terp balls) to make your dab even more effective. The pearls will retain heat from your banger allowing that heat to be evenly distributed through your banger as you take a draw.

You can find carb caps in a variety of styles. Check out the assortment we have available in one of our Up-N-Smoke retail stores throughout Louisville, KY. You can also check out all the concentrate accessories we have available here too!