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History of 710

We all know the history of the Waldo’s starting 420 (if you don’t, check out our blog here). But what about 710?

Do you dab?  Another stoner holiday is upon us.  No, not 420, and the dabbing we are referring to has nothing to do with the dance (unless you’re one of those movers after a few dab hits).  No, we are talking about a celebration for concentrated oil users, my friends.  July 10 (710) is the holiday we are referring to

710 refers to 7:10pm where smokers use hash oil versus flower. Upside down, the word “OIL” resembles 710. 

History of 710, oil upside down is 710

The history surrounding 710 is as hazy as the cloud of smoke above your head after a smoking session.  No one can really pinpoint the exact origins of when it started as a stoner holiday. The first mention of 710 appears in Urban Dictionary in around 2011, but in that listing there’s no mention of it being used in regards to dabbing or smoking. Additional entries that appear around 2013 have now updated to show:

urban dictionary definition of 710

Did TaskRok start the 710 movement?

TaskRok is a rapper out of Salt Lake City, UT with a sound similar to Eminem and rhythmic lyrics that suck you in.  The rapper is an advocate for the industry and smokers in general with songs that spit out lyrics about using concentrates.  

It’s TaskRok that credits himself as the originator of the movement of 710.  On July 10, 2011 TaskRok put out an album called “The Movement” which is credited as being the movement to move away from 420.  In that album TaskRok is essentially calling 420 the dinosaur that it is as newer generations of smokers are learning to enjoy smoking on a new level.

In an interview with The Leaf, TaskRok states, “I still don’t try to lay claim to own it, but I do have a sense of pride behind it, so the least I could do is tell you my story. It’s not every day you start a new stoner holiday.” TaskRok goes on to basically say that his album The Movement was meant to bring the idea of using concentrates to the forefront, and ultimately it’s release date is generally accepted as the first ever 710 holiday.

Did TaskRok start 710? TaskRok humbly says that the holiday belongs to the people, not him. 

Are you new to dabs?

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you prepare, this could be your first 710 holiday.

In order to smoke concentrates you will need a banger, carb cap, dabber tool, torch, your product, and a water pipe (or dab rig). You can get most of these products in our online smoke shop, so feel free to check out our awesome selection!

Pro tip: If you already have a water pipe, often you can simply switch out the dry herb bowl for a banger and you’re ready to go. Carb caps are not necessary, but they can make your smoking session more efficient. Check out our blog where we go over that here.

If you’re celebrating for the first time, welcome. If you’ve been celebrating for years, you’re an old pro and maybe it’s time to show your friends what TaskRok calls The Movement.