Smoke Shop Dictionary Part 2

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Smoke Shop Dictionary Part 2

We’re back with more smoke shop terms you may or may not already know! If there’s a word you don’t see on this list, check out our previous post, Online Smoke Shop Dictionary, for another list of common words used in the industry.  

Atomizer: The heating element on a vaporizer

Borosilicate: A type of glass used to create glass pipes, consisting of 5% boric oxide. It is durable, strong and resistant to extreme temperatures.

Cone: Pre-rolled cone-shaped papers you can fill with your favorite ground herbs

Dab Rig: A water pipe usually set-up with male joints, a vapor dome and nail; used to smoke concentrates.

Dowstem: A long skinny tube in which your bowl slide will fit on your pipe.

Flower: A term that refers to the herbs you put in your pipe or bowl to smoke. 

Incycler: Similar to a recycler except water is recycled inside of the pipe, rather than in an external chamber.

Inline: A type of percolator that is a straight tube with small slits on the top or bottom, to help filter your smoke.

One-hitter: A slender, smaller tube pipe designed for a single inhalation or “one hit”

Roller: A device used to roll up your favorite ground herbs in your choice of paper. 

Scientific Glass: Any water pipe made from borosilicate glass with multiple percolators.

Soft Glass: Soft glass is thicker than typical glass. It is sturdy and good for everyday use.

Stemless: A type of water pipe that does not have a removable downstem.

Tips: Glass or paper that is used as a filter when rolling up; some papers come with tips included. 

Vaporizer: A device that vaporizes concentrates or dry herbs, rather than smoking by combustion.

We hope this clears up some of those confusing words for you so that you can browse, shop, and talk to fellow smokers with more confidence!