Smoke Shop Dictionary Part 3

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Smoke Shop Dictionary Part 3

We’re back again with another entry to our Smoke Shop Dictionary Series!  If you haven’t already, you may want to peruse Part 1 & 2.  Smoke culture has a lot of lingo that goes along with it, so it can be helpful to make sure everybody is on the same page.

Here’s a fresh batch of smoke shop synonyms and vape vernacular for your educational pleasure: 

Sesh - short for “session”, a sesh is a smoke break for herb-lovers

Spoon Pipe - the prototypical glass hand pipe, shaped like an especially cartoonish eating utensil

Taster - synonym for a one-hitter, a cylindrical tube-style pipe that packs just enough material for “a taste”

Banger - the most popular style of nail for dabbing, shaped like a bucket and most often made from quartz

Piece - in the context of smoke shop slang, a “piece” generally refers to a glass water pipe or ornate glass hand pipe

Dab Tool - also called a dabber, the dab tool is a metal or glass (sometimes silicone-coated) shaped like a miniature spear or shovel for picking up extracts and placing them onto a nail

E-nail - short for electronic nail, an e-nail is a high-tech upgrade for a dab rig that heats a coil mounted to the nail in order to eliminate the need for a torch and give the user greater control over dabbing temperature

E-rig - the next evolution of the e-nail, an e-rig is a standalone device that uses battery power to vaporize concentrates at a consistent temperature without a torch

Tincture - a biologically active form of an herbal supplement, typically suspended in alcohol, MCT oil, or vegetable glycerin, that can be applied underneath the tongue with a dropper for faster absorption than edible products. Check out one of our five retail locations for more information on tinctures.

Extract - a potent herbal concentrate created by washing the plant material with a solvent.  The solvent is then removed, leaving only the desired plant compounds. All extracts are concentrates, but not all concentrates are extracts.

Concentrate - the result of any form of mechanical or chemical separation of the component parts of an herb, yielding a higher percentage of the active ingredients than is found in nature

Wax - layman’s terminology for dabbable extracts and concentrates

Oil - a liquified herbal concentrate than can vary widely in potency for either vaping or edible infusions, but most commonly refers to the contents of vaporizer cartridges

Convection - a type of vaporizer heating technology that heats the material using predominantly the air, as opposed to the walls of the heating chamber

Conduction - a type of vaporizer heating technology that heats the material using direct contact, all opposed to heated airflow

Carb - also called a rush hole, a carb is a hole in a pipe that allows the user to manipulate the airflow by covering or uncovering it with a finger

Nectar Collector - a type of dabbing device that resembles an ornate straw, whose tip can be heated and then pressed into a dish of concentrate, vaporizing it for inhalation

Crutches - a small heavy-weight paper used with rolling paper to create a handmade filter tip

Hempwick - a spool of braided hemp fiber that can be used to light a pipe and minimize unintentional inhalation of butane fumes

Glass Blunt - a cylindrical glass pipe made for smoking herbs without the need for rolling papers or wraps