Stay High on the Sly at Thanksgiving

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Stay High on the Sly at Thanksgiving

The holiday’s are around the corner, and if you’re anything like me there’s a part of you that is dreading the social interaction with your family.  Your Aunt Edna makes an epic and unmatched pumpkin pie, but she’s also a little shitty when you walk into the room smelling like bud.  Then there’s your cousin Cory who walks in and gives you the signal… it’s time to smoke.

But, how can I hide the smell without setting off a five alarm signal that something just went down?  We are here to help you stay high on the sly.


Did mom forget to buy milk?  Maybe work has a question and you have to make a quick call.  Isn’t that trash can getting a little full?  Oh, don’t forget to fill your gas tank up!  There’s endless possibilities to sneak out while everyone is distracted, and chances are no one will notice you left and came back.


You’ve made it out of grandma's house.  Now what?  SmokeBuddy.  There’s a reason these handy little devices are referred to as “buddies”.  They are your companion to a clean smelling smoke session.  Simply take your hit and instead of blowing it outinto the air you blow into the Smokebuddy.  It filters the air so that it comes back out smelling normal.  

Don’t want to spend the money on a smokebuddy?  We get it.  Plan ahead and grab a toilet paper roll.  Stuff it with tissue and laundry sheets.  This method isn’t fool proof, but it will get the job done in a pinch.


Vaporizers naturally reduce the smell from your product.  Even better?  Vapors don’t cling to clothes and skin the same way smoke does.  Because science.  This is possibly the most discreet way to smoke.  Dry herb vaporizers and concentrate vaporizers will give you the same result.  Just ensure that you’re not taking too big a rip.  This will start a chain of coughs that will put your grandmother on alert.  Small puffs, my friend.


Go old school and find the best edibles for your Thanksgiving feast.  Right about the time the munchies hit is the time that the turkey and gravy will hit the table.  It’s like it was meant to be.  Be sure to know your tolerance - you don’t want to be passed out on the couch or worried that you’re not going to remember to breathe.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting the party or if you’re joining family/friends for a potluck.  Finding your calm space so that you can sit back and fully enjoy the day is what’s most important.  Be prepared, be ready.