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Ultimate Gold Reviews

Trusted since 1999, Ultimate Gold Detox has been a trusted detox cleanse. Recently, we read some reviews online and saw a theme of Ultimate Gold reviews saying:

Does not work whatsoever”

Our ears perked up.  Say what?!  That’s not been our experience!  Maybe it’s time to review how to properly detox your body of toxins.  Ultimate Gold has already given us the tools we need so let’s take a closer look so future buyers can be more informed. 

  • Avoid toxins at a minimum of 24hrs before your test
    • This is really important.  For the best results you MUST avoid ALL TOXINS at a minimum of 24hrs.  However, the earlier you start avoiding toxins the better the outcome will be.
  • Don’t eat huge meals - make sure they’re not greasy
    • Toxins adhere to fat molecules which can make detoxing a little tricky if you’re overweight or if you’re eating a fatty meal.  Light, low-fat, and healthy meals as soon as you know you want to detox is your best bet.
  • If you have a high tolerance or weigh over 200lbs:   buy the 20oz bottle
    • You’re not the average guy.  To be safe, drinking two 20oz bottles is also recommended if you feel that you fall into the “super high tolerance” category.
  • Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water before starting your cleanse
    • Really, this is a general hydration rule for anyone but it’s rarely followed.  Drink a lot of water and then drink more water.  The more you are urinating the better your detox experience will be.  Which only makes sense as toxins have to be released.

Another Ultimate Gold review stated:

“Worked the first time, not the second time. The second time I felt it was my fault, I smoked the night before. If you don't follow the directions how do you expect it to work? Ohhhh that's right, you shouldn't expect s*** lol. Follow the directions, otherwise don't waste your time :)” 

Ultimate Gold has specific instructions to help with results:

  1. Consume up to 16oz of water every two hours until you drink Ultimate Gold.
  2. Shake well and drink the entire contents of the bottle.  (20oz bottles are recommended for people over 200lbs or with heavy everyday toxin levels)
  3. 15 minutes after drinking, refill the bottle with water and drink.
  4. Over the next hour, urinate frequently.
  5. Within 60 minutes of consuming Ultimate Gold Detox you will be toxin free!

If you follow these rules you’re more likely to rid your body of any toxins!  In our research, we discovered a lot of people are drinking it at room temperature.  Seems logical, but if you chill your Ultimate Gold Detox before drinking, it’s better tasting and easier to drink quickly.  

While we saw negative Ultimate Gold reviews, we also saw plenty of positive experiences that overpowered the negative ones.  All people who used the product appropriately!

I've passed 6 different tests with no problems. Follow the directions, it definitely works for the green.” 

It’s simple.  Just follow the directions and you’ll find that Ultimate Gold will become your go to drink anytime you need to detox your body quickly.  

Bonus tip:  it’s great for hangovers too!  

You can find the full line of Ultimate Gold Detox at Up-N-Smoke or Ultimate Gold’s website and four flavors to choose from: 

  1. Gushin’ Grape 
  2. Original 
  3. Screamin’ Strawberry
  4. Sweet Pineapple